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The successful care of hip and knee issues requires coordinated care and attention by a health care team with expertise in the field of hip and knee diseases and a common goal for providing proper care for those diseases. Care providers most not only be able to evaluate, diagnose and treat a problem accurately, they must also be able to help patients gain access to appropriate types of treatment, be patient advocates with the institutions (e.g. hospitals, insurance carriers, physicial therapy facilities, home health care agencies) that patients with hip and knee problems confront, and be available whenever patients require help. I have been fortunate to have a team of individuals who have worked together with me for many years. Each of these individuals is a very experienced health care provider who has specialized training and expertise in the field of hip and knee disease. Each of these individuals takes it upon her/him self to be informed and up to date on the most current and appropriate care available for patients with hip and knee problems. Together, we are committed to assuring that our patients are aware of and receive the finest care possible. I would like to introduce you to myself, my colleagues and my staff.